Minutes Summaries – Live Music Action Plan

Minutes summary LMAP meeting one 20-06-2021

In Attendance SDLM: David Bennett, Dr. Fairleigh Evelyn Gilmour, Ed Lobo, Person Wil, Dr. Marrisa Kaloga, Michael Morris

In Attendance DCC: Kirsten Glengarry, Lisa Wilkie, Antony Deaker, Ros MacGill, Glen Hazelton, Joy Lanini

1. Introductions.

2. Agreed point: SDLM argued that facilitator must be internal; Council agreed

3. Agreed point: Council suggested that some funding towards an expert in planning to outline possibilities (considering upcoming repeal of RMA) could be helpful. SDLM agreed to discuss this further on proviso the remit for expert is to provide us both with all possibilities.

4. Key Question: Who does SDLM represent? Agreed that we represent ‘popular music’ or the ‘gigging music scene’ (so acknowledging that we are not attempting to represent all potential forms of live music).

Minutes summary LMAP meeting two 03-07-2021

Topics: Noise Contol, Live Music Action Plan

In Attendance SDLM: Dr. Fairleigh Evelyn Gilmour, Ed Lobo, Person Wil, Michael Morris

In Attendance DCC: Kirsten Glengarry, Lisa Wilkie, Antony Deaker, Ros MacGill, Amie Taua

1. Both agreed that discussion about music ecosystem should include a broader range of voices and SDLM happy to collaborate with other interested parties.

2. However noise control is a specific concern for gigging musicians (who SDLM represent) and will be prioritized immediately.

3. The submissions from community to council were remarkably consistent about what we need, as were the contributions to both community huis. Further facilitation and consultation with music community should be solutions-based (ie; we don’t have to go over all the problems again, we know what they are, let’s fix them). Both agreed.

4. Key focus of meeting apart from noise control was rehearsal spaces – discussions around: how council can best support this integral aspect of music scene (ideas include how best to support business models; taking head lease on specific locations; subsidizing spaces, etc.). SDLM will consult further with the music community to find out preferred solutions.

5. Mid-size venue raised, but SDLM asked to defer discussion to meeting where other members with expertise on this were present (Dave, Jase, etc.).

Action Points:

6. Action point SDLM – send through all hui summaries

7. Action point Council – provide quotes for planning expert at next meeting.

Minutes summary LMAP meeting three 24-07-2021

Topics: Venues/Live Music Toolkit, Rehearsal Spaces

In Attendance SDLM: David Bennett, Ed Lobo, Michael Morris, Jason Schroeder, Jess Covell

In Attendance DCC: Kirsten Glengarry, Lisa Wilkie, Antony Deaker, Ros MacGill, Glen Hazelton, Mai Tamimi, Amie Taua

  1. SLDM Delivered community (Venues, D.I.Y, Musicians) feedback on toolkits approach to providing support and resources to venues and artist spaces in Dunedin, potential alteration and additions to examples provided by Ara Toi.

2. DCC and SLDM agreed that the Toolkits Approach could be a useful resource if properly implemented and supported and could tie in well with other initiatives, both agreed to move forward on this with further community consultation.

3. DCC and SDLM Discussed a Dunedin venues directory and agreed on the value of this kind of resource when paired with live music toolkit, DCC to continue work on building this list.

4. DCC and SDLM Discussed a “Red Carpet” one on one approach to guide people through the compliance process for venues and events/rehearsal studios operating in mixed use spaces, SDLM agreed to discuss further with continued community feedback.

5. SDLM Raised idea of the DCC being involved in establishing a publicly available rehearsal space, both agreed to discuss idea further.

6. SDLM Raised the point of guidance around busking and street performance, agreed to discuss further.

7. SDLM raised the idea of a streetpaper/gig guide or zine to support local artist and venues and potential synergy with other resources, both agreed it’s worth exploring and agreed to discuss further.

Minutes summary 23-11-21

In Attendance SDLM: David Bennett, Fairleigh Gilmour, Marissa Kaloga

In Attendance DCC: Kirsten Glengarry, Ros MacGill, Amie Taua

The Council showed unanimous support to the MAP update report which is very pleasing and thanks everyone for your work towards achieving this successful result. The link to the report is here:


Updates from staff

The Council’s Annual Plan meeting has been shifted to late January, allowing more time to discuss budget requirements for the MAP project.

Staff (Kirsty and Glen) are arranging a meeting with City Planning to discuss our work with sound consultant Jon Styles and will invite them to the zoom follow-up meeting Jon will provide, along with SDLM representatives.  This report is expected by the end of  November.

Staff (Kirsty and Joy) are meeting with the Parks team this week to discuss the green space events element of MAP.

Marissa, Kirsty and Amie have begun a discussion around the Systemic Change model which has been suggested for the team to use as we write and deliver the MAP,  Kirsty to follow up with Jeanette on resource to support this approach.

Kirsty will send Ros the email regarding the Police contact as they will be good to include as we widen the MAP conversation in 2022.

Next Steps

You’ll note in the report that we described our workplan in three phases, as below:

a)         Phase I – consultation with the music community to identify challenges faced

b)        Phase II – creation of the music plan (due by 30 June 2022)

c)         Phase III – delivery of the music plan

We discussed holding two meetings before year end (plus the zoom catch up with Jon Styles).

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