The Action Plan Proposed to the DCC 24/05/2021 (Archive)

The Sound of Dunedin: Live Music Action Plan By Dr Fairleigh Evelyn Gilmour and Dr Marissa Kaloga (on behalf of SAVE DUNEDIN LIVE MUSIC). Dunedin is one of only a few cities in the entire world known for an identifiable music sound and is recognized internationally for its amazingly talented musicians. The Dunedin City Council’sContinue reading “The Action Plan Proposed to the DCC 24/05/2021 (Archive)”

Preliminary Focus Groups Report

Kia ora koutou,  Check out this preliminary report from the lovely Craig Birch-Morunga who facilitated the recent community consultation. The questions drew from all the great ideas at the community huis earlier in the year and were explored in focus groups.   Big thanks to Craig and all the people in the community who generously gaveContinue reading “Preliminary Focus Groups Report”

A different kind of gig at the dog

Firstly a huge thanks to everyone for coming down to the dog and having a discussion with us around the issues of noise control and associated challenges facing Dunedin’s music community. We are chewing through the ideas from the meeting and forging them into our current plans to take to the council, our current working solution isContinue reading “A different kind of gig at the dog”

The Hui at the dog.

Just a heads up for everyone, we are hosting a community meeting at the Dog with tails on the 15th of May 2021, 5pm – 7pm. It’s a chance to meet up in person and hear the small victories our campaign has already won and the plans going forward, changing district plans and public policiesContinue reading “The Hui at the dog.”