Media Release 26-07-22 Protest Action

SDLM Media Release

Save Dunedin Live Music is calling the on everyone who loves and supports Dunedin music to take action and to take to the streets on the 7th of August in the Octagon. Dunedin prides itself on being a music city and we want to protect our amazing music scene.

We are asking for:

  1. The DCC and developers to do everything possible to protect the Crown, a cornerstone of the local music scene, that is currently being threatened by development next door.
  2. The DCC to address issues with our town planning. Dunedin should be in line with other music cities and balance the needs of both residential requirements, and arts and culture, including live music. Right now, Dunedin lags behind other cities. 
  3. The DCC to continue their commitment to working towards a Music Action Plan in collaboration with the Dunedin music community.

Right now in Dunedin, developers can build residential apartments next door to decades-long established music venues without addressing the potential impact on the venue. Requirements for soundproofing are very modest and barely meet the standards of most modern cities and are well behind other music cities.  Any noise complaints thereafter are the problem of the venue, even if the venue is operating within the sound limits required of them. Without strong protections and good planning, with a focus on supporting live music, the tide of property development in a growing city will over time erode the local music scene beyond repair.

We are not going to stand by and just let that happen. With so few venues left we can’t afford to let that happen at all. We want a show of force by the music community of this city and all those who love and support live music to let the DCC know that we want change.

Dunedin has promoted itself for years off the back of its music scene and the Dunedin Sound, it is time for the council to put their money where mouth is and make the necessary changes to support their local venues and artists.

We want options for addressing the threats to live music on the table at the next 2GP variation.

We want the council to back live music as well as development by making sure that areas of our city are hubs of music, arts, and culture from a planning perspective, with actual protections.

We want the council to ensure that developers share their part of the burden and cannot dump the problems on the venues.

We have to make these changes, if we don’t, we may lose the Crown and with it the unofficial home of grass roots music in Dunedin.

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