A different kind of gig at the dog

Firstly a huge thanks to everyone for coming down to the dog and having a discussion with us around the issues of noise control and associated challenges facing Dunedin’s music community. 
We are chewing through the ideas from the meeting and forging them into our current plans to take to the council, our current working solution is the district plans and things that can be done within those.
We are hoping that the council takes on the request from our submission to the 10 year plan and sets aside some funding for consultation looking into the issues facing venues and musicians and how that can be handled in a more holistic art focused way that is more inline with their own arts strategy. 
We won’t be able to solve all the issues concerning the wider music ecosystem immediately but we are committed to making sure that they are all on the table and stay on the council’s radar until we can truly say Dunedin is a great small city for live Music.

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